Flash Player (US) + native traffic

Disclaimer: Please take into consideration that this case study was provided by one of our affiliates, so opinions shared do not necessarily reflect the official position of ExpertMobi.

Traffic source: Banner traffic
Affiliate network: ExpertMobi
Offer: [WEB] Flash Player for MAC / DDL / US , [WEB] Flash Player (Mac-Safari) / US
Flow: User downloads the app > Installs it > Converison
Campaign period: 20.09.19 — 30.09.19
Revenue: $1218,9

Hi guys! Sooner or later every publisher finds a suitable niche, and so did I. I found installer offers. I tried a lot of different approaches and offer types. There have always been nice CPI desktop installers like flash player or browser extensions, ddls, etc. on Expertmobi platform.

I've been working with flash player offers lately, as there are a lot of options to try and performance is pretty stable and satisfying.

I started working with [WEB] Flash Player (Mac-Safari) / US with the payout $4.4. The most profitable day brought me 49 conversions, it happened on September 24. Then I went away for business and when I returned I decided to start traffic again. My manager let me know that there was another US campaign that started to show potential [WEB] Flash Player for MAC / DDL, so I decided to try that one as well and it worked for me just as fine as the previous one.

I bought banner traffic from these websites:

http://www.mackungfu.org/ and so on.

As you can see, they are all connected with Apple devices/products.I won't show you creative, 'cause I'm still sending traffic to these offers now and they perform extremely well for me.

After the first 1k USD of profit from my traffic that the advertiser liked and considered of high quality. So we moved to weekly payment terms, well I'm totally pleased with that!

I'll continue working with this niche.

And here you can see the stats of course:

Oh, and if you dare to work with serious traffic sources, don't use brand logos and stuff like that, 'cause you will only get problems and probably bans instead of money. Especially if you have no idea of what “cloaking” is. :D

Hope your stats will be green too. Good luck!