Win Samsung S10 (FB) - ROI 199%

Traffic source: FB
Affiliate network:
Flow: User provides CC details > Conversion (CC Submit)
Campaign period: 12.08.19 — 25.08.19
Cost: $190,55
Revenue: $570
Profit: $379,45
ROI: 199%

Hi! I want to share with you this case study from our partner Alexey, who wanted to try Facebook traffic and found a solution within our network. We hope that this information will come in handy for those still thinking whether to try FB traffic or not.

Alexey worked with nutra offers before, but this niche is now having a tough time, so he came searching for new offer categories to try. He wanted to start any offer that could be easy to handle and that wouldn't need too much attention during the test. So sweepstakes and gambling became our publisher's main candidates.

As for gambling, it already has a huge amount of publishers and traffic being sent to it. Its auditory is also usually satiated with offers. And lately people tend to only use a couple of free spins after they sign up to a gambling website, such users are also not wanted by both publishers and advertisers. And a lot of sweepstakes got out-of-date now, 'cause many of them have already faced significant amounts of traffic, but there are still geos and offers, that you can work with (if you know how) and get nice profit with them.

Aleksey found such offer in Expertmobi offer inventory. We got nice exclusive Samsung S10 and iPhone Xs Max themed CC submits. We tested these LPs upfront along with some other non-exclusive CC submits in order to make sure they had potential and would perform well. The results turned out to be better with the exclusive ones. Win Samsung showed better results than Win iPhone offer. So we realized it was actually the hottest CC submit we had at that moment.

We set up Samsung S10 and iPhone Xs Max offers privately in our system and we gave $30 payout to our publishers. Aleksey was the first one to try our exclusive Win Samsung offer with his FB traffic, 'cause his traffic suited the landing page and the payout was satisfying. He started with FR. This geo has always been pretty sensitive, but he knew how to properly optimize his traffic, so it was not a problem. As a result, he got best numbers targeting 30+ age women. He also set up auto bidding. He had 3 adsets in each campaign. He duplicated the successful ones, but to the new campaign. The following creatives performed best:

He also used the following texts:

Prix - Samsung Galaxy S10

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Samsung Galaxy S10 gratuitement!

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Aleksey mentioned that he was pleasantly surprised, because he got all conversions approved. There were only obviously trash leads declined (and this pub didn't have a single trash lead). Knowing that a chance of approval is that high, he could keep a high bid price. Generally speaking, his test was a success!

And here you can see the stats: